Website Partnership Announcement FSST-SMP

We are excited to announce a new partnership between The Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) and the Summer Mentorship Program (SMP), run by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

SMP allows high school students of Indigenous and African ancestry, who are typically underrepresented in medicine, to earn course credit over the summer while exploring the health sciences through experiments, lectures, and special projects.

The Foundation will invite all SMP students to submit their work for publication in the Journal of Student Science and Technology (JSST). Two SMP students published in the September 2015 issue of JSST. Ayesha Hassan, 17, describes publishing an article in JSST as the “greatest achievement of [her] high school career,” while Petra Famiyeh, 18, felt that her “sleepless nights reading and revising had paid off.”

     Ayesha Hassan     Petra Famiyeh

Ike Okafor, program director of SMP, values how this new partnership will develop the career potential of his students.

“This is a highly valued partnership which will provide students from our summer mentorship program with invaluable opportunities of conducting research under the guidance of leading Canadian researchers.”

Other SMP students will be publishing in the upcoming issue of JSST and participating in our provincial Student Science and Technology Online Research Co-op Program. We are proud of the success of Ayesha and Petra and optimistic about the potential for this program to strengthen the programs of both FSST and SMP.