Introducing the Arts and Science Section

Adela Lam, Cathy Yan


The Science and arts are commonly considered to be two vastly different disciplines contrasting each other primarily in terms of methodology. The sciences value precision and the ability to control and replicate results, while arts stem from the fluid and unique expression of one’s self using different mediums. However, despite these characteristics, the ultimate goal of both areas of study is to explore the unknown. For arts, this entails delving into human emotions through abstract thoughts and ideas, while sciences use the same abstractions and imagination to experiment with and create using objects in the natural world. This combination of internal and external explorations define the intrinsic elements of the universe, which is why arts and science belong together.


Les sciences et les arts sont souvent considérés comme deux disciplines vastement différents qui se contrastent surtout en terme de méthodologie. Les sciences mettent en valeur la précision et la capacité de contrôler et répéter des résultats alors que les arts proviennent de l’expression fluide et unique de soi-même en utilisant de divers moyens. Cependant, malgré ces caractéristiques, le but ultime des deux domaines d’étude est d’explorer l’inconnu.

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