Experimental Determination of Friction Factors in Two Phase Flow Through a Porous Medium

Ruizhe Cheng


In a severe accident, the decay heat from the fuel located in the calandria may boil the water circulated through the end shields of a CANDU reactor, causing a two phase flow of water and steam. This two phase mixture may interfere with heat transport if a thin film of steam forms on the inside surface of the end shields. As water and steam run through the end shields, frictional energy loss results in a pressure gradient. The pressure gradient is directly related to the velocity of the fluid, which can be inferred from the permeability of the end shield. Therefore, this project serves to determine the friction factors that cause pressure drop in the end shields of a CANDU Reactor and aims to examine the safety mechanism of the existing end shields. The results of this project corroborated the Gibilaro equation for one phase flow and implied the lack of proper handling of important friction factors in equations for two phase flow. Therefore, further studies on two phase flow through porous medium are needed.


Two Phase Flow; Porous Medium; End Shields; Fluid Dynamics

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13034/jsst.v8i3.66


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