First Determination of the Proton's Weak Charge

Shelley A. Page


The weak charge of the proton has been determined for the first time via a high precision electron-proton scattering experiment, Qweak, carried out at Jefferson Laboratory (JLab) in Newport News, USA. The weak charge is a basic property in subatomic physics, analogous to electric charge. The Standard Model makes a prediction for the weak charges of protons and other particles. First results described here are based on an initial 4% of the data set reported in 20131, with the ultimate goal of the experiment being a high precision Standard Model test conducted with the full Qweak data set. These initial results are consistent with the Standard Model prediction; they serve as an important first determination of the proton’s weak charge and a proof of principle that the ultimate goals are within reach.


physics, standard model, proton, Qweak



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