The Journal of Student Science and Technology International Editorial Board brings together prominent academics in various fields from around the world to develop a new generation of innovators.  

Student Editor-in-Chief

Adelina Cozma is a third year undergraduate student studying psychology and disability studies at the University of Calgary. She has a genuine compassion for people affected by various diseases and disorders and she is motivated to use her skills to develop innovative tools based on the latest advances in medicine and technology to improve people’s lives. She is a past student researcher at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute in Calgary, the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto, having conducted research in the fields of autism and learning disabilities, neuroimaging, brain chip technology, and digital media. She has authored several publications in neuroscience and psychology, and presented her research findings at galas, conferences, and national/international science fair competitions (CWSF, ISEF) in which she has been awarded with university scholarships, medals, and first place awards from the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Psi Chi the International Honor Society in Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the Canadian Psychological Association. She has been honoured with a minor planet by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory and recognized by Maclean's Magazine as one of 15 “Canadians under 25: the ones to watch" for outstanding promise in the field of science. Adelina is continuing her research in Calgary and hopes to pursue a career as an MD/PhD.

Ksenia Rybkina is an undergraduate student at McMaster University, studying Biochemistry with a specialization in Biomedical Research. She has a passion for academic resource building and problem based learning in relation to Science, having been involved with FSST since her first year in university. This translates into her volunteering with the McMaster chapter of Let’s Talk Science, in which she leads hands-on scientific workshops in an effort to encourage elementary and secondary students to pursue science-related careers. Ksenia is also an executive member of McMaster's Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Society, as well as McMaster’s Community Research Initiative (CRI), through which she recently oversaw a project relating to mediating medication compliance of cardiac patients. With a passion for research, Ksenia is currently working in Dr. Matthew Miller's laboratory at the McMaster Immunology Research Centre, which focuses the antiviral response as it relates to the type I interferon system, as well as the development of a universal flu vaccine.


Dr. Joanne Zwinkels is a Principal Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).  

She received her B.Sc (Honours) in Chemistry from the University of Victoria (1977) and her PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Alberta (1983) with specialization in the infrared optical properties of solids.  After a brief NSERC Visiting Postdoctoral position in the Coal Research Laboratory of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, she joined the NRC Division of Physics in 1984 to work in the field of spectrophotometry.  From 1991 to 2009, she also served as the Group Leader for Photometry and Radiometry.  Her research activities involve the development of new reference instrumentation, standards, and procedures for high-accuracy spectrophotometry, fluorescence, and colour and appearance measurements.  Her accomplishments include the development of several national facilities for high-accuracy measurements of optical properties (colour, gloss, transparency) of both non-fluorescent and fluorescent materials. Her current research is focussed on developing a new versatile reference instrument to extend NRC fluorescence measurement capabilities to other geometries and applications.  Recently, Joanne co-edited a reference book on spectrophotometry entitled “Spectrophotometry: Accurate measurement of optical properties of materials”, which is Volume 46 in the series “Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences”.  Joanne is actively involved in international standardization activities and currently serves as the NRC representative to the Consultative Committee of Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR), Chair of the Strategic Planning Working Group of CCPR, International Convenor of ISO TC6/WG3 (Paper, board and pulps: optical properties), and Country member and Associate Director of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) for Division 2 (Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation).

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Karren Yang, founder, author, board member, student Editor-in-Chief, scientist extraordinaire and inspiration to all her colleagues. Karren helped found the first program of Foundation for Student Science and Technology and served as the Student Editor-in-Chief for an astounding 8 years.

Karren is a University Scholar and a CRC Award recipient at the University of Pennsylvania. She does independent research in the Robertson Lab in the Perelman School of Medicine, where she is currently studying the expression of the mitotic checkpoint protein BubR1 and how it is affected by the viral transcription factor EBNA3C. Over the summer, Karren worked on a project involving the interplay between the cell cycle kinase Aurora B and the tumor suppressor p53.

Last year, Karren became a certified EMT in Pennsylvania through MERT, Penn's Medical Emergency Response Team. She served as a board member of two student organizations, Colleges Against Cancer and FIMRC, and worked as a science tutor at a high school. Karren is presently the volunteer coordinator for a local breast cancer organization that provides screenings for underinsured women and breast health education for all. She is also spearheading a council to coordinate constructive events for students who are part of the International Award program in Philadelphia. Karren works with Penn's Tutoring Center and enjoys golfing, playing volleyball, and listening to musicals in her spare time.