Journal History

The award-winning Journal of Student Science and Technology (formerly the Canadian Young Scientist Journal) is a scholarly publication offering PhD review and citation of high school, university and college student ideas and research.

The Journal helps prepare emerging scientists, researchers, managers and leaders for future careers in science and technology.  Reflecting the standards and practices of some of the world’s foremost science publishing, the Journal offers students real world grounding in the requirements of formal scientific publishing.

The Journal encompasses project reports, case studies, book reviews and other work relating to the physical and life sciences, engineering, mathematics and informatics, biology and environmental studies, social sciences and humanities, and more.

The Journal is published by a dedicated team of PhD reviewers and experts representing some of the most distinguished public and private science organizations, universities, companies, research institutes and others.

The Journal is one of several programs offered by the Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing the career potential of gifted students for leadership roles in the science community.