Student Leader Represents Foundation at World Science Conference in Israel

400 science prodigies from 72 countries, 15 Nobel Laureates, 5 days, and 1 extraordinary conference. Impressive numbers, yes, but they alone cannot capture the impact of the inaugural World Science Conference Israel (WSCI) held in August 2015. The event was like the passing of a symbolic torch, with our world’s greatest scientific minds offering words of encouragement and inspiration for the students of today—and scientists of tomorrow. You can read more about the conference here: WSCI.

Brandon addresses all delegates at WSCI

The Foundation for Student Science and Technology is proud to have been represented at this prestigious event by one of our section editors, Brandon Tang. In collaboration with the WSCI Organizing Team, the Foundation, as well as the Israeli Embassy in Canada, he arranged for 400 copies of our Journal of Student Science and Technology to be distributed at WSCI, one for each delegate. Both WSCI and the Foundation strive to develop the career potential of young scientists, making this event the perfect opportunity for synergy. Our Journals were received positively by an international group of students and scientists at the conference, reaffirming to us that the Foundation’s mission is important, impactful, and one worth pursuing.

Aerial view of WSCI delegates