Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) & Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group (SEYEG) Join Together

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) and Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group (SEYEG) are joining together to build upon their individual success in cultivating future STEM leadership and engaging students in STEM activities.

Under the terms of an Agreement that is effective immediately, the programs and events associated largely with each organization’s Ambassador Programs will be merged into a single, larger program under the FSST corporate structure. The new, as yet unnamed Program will be larger in scale and scope, offering high school, college and university students across the country more diverse opportunities to build student networks and peer interactions.

Science Expo has operated for 7 years largely in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. In that time, it has established a diverse network of students, professionals and industry leaders. SEYEG has held 14 conferences, worked with over 500 volunteers, and impacted over 50,000 STEM students across the country. Its mission has been to enrich students’ experiences beyond the classroom; empower youth with opportunities, tools and connections; and encourage youth to explore the possibilities in STEM through hands-on learning.

FSST has been operating since 2008, starting as a Journal that published student research but it has grown to become a national not-for-profit organization with a range of programs aimed at developing the career potential of exceptional students for roles in science, technology and innovation.  

It accomplishes this by connecting ideas and people across the spectrum of education, public and private enterprise and science and technology; by investing in the early career development of exceptional students in science, technology and innovation; and by building programs that emulate real world circumstances, improving students’ chances of career success.

FSST programs include: The Journal of Student Science and Technology which provides real world grounding in the requirements of formal scientific publishing; The Online Research Co-op that explores the principles and practices of inquiry-based research; and the Ambassador Program which provides opportunities to build student networks and peer interaction – locally, regionally, nationally.

Under the terms of the Agreement, SEYEG will cease to exist as a corporate entity but certain conferences will continue to be branded as Science Expo. As well, Susie Pan, SEYEG’s Founder, will be joining the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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