Special Editor-in-Chief for Journal’s First Issue with Focused Mission

Special Editor-in-Chief for Journal’s First Issue with Focused Mission

The Journal of Student Science and Technology (formerly known as the Canadian Young Scientist Journal) is honoured to have Dr. Ken Franklin, Research Chemist, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, be the Special Editor-in-Chief of Volume 8, Issue 1 of this unique student publication.

The award-winning Journal of Student Science and Technology is a scholarly publication offering PhD review and citation of high school, university and college student ideas and research.

The Journal helps prepare emerging scientists, researchers, managers and leaders for future careers in science and technology.  Reflecting the standards and practices of some of the world’s foremost science publishing, the Journal offers students real world grounding in the requirements of formal scientific publishing.

After defending his Ph.D. thesis on Aspects of Technetium Chemistry at McMaster University in 1982, Ken Franklin spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (now Canadian Nuclear Laboratories).  In a career that spans three decades and multiple branches within the organization, Ken has provided support in the fields of physical and inorganic solution chemistry to applications in process development, radioisotope production, steam generator fouling and waste management.  He currently heads the innovative Chemistry Control Section that was set up in the Analytical Chemistry Branch to continue and expand these services.

“I wish something like the Foundation and the Student Journal of Science and Technology existed when I was in high school,” laments Dr. Franklin. “I am pleased to support this important and valuable initiative. One that can give the student participants a great boost to their careers and to understanding early what it takes to dedicate yourself to inquiry. Part of exploration is effectively communicating your discoveries to your peers and the public.”

“Dr. Franklin has had a long and distinguished career with many innovations and inventions to his credit”, says Dariusz Burzynski, Chairperson of the Foundation for Student Science and Technology. “His love of science and learning were kindled at a young age. He is a great mentor for our students. We are privileged that he has brought his example of passion and curiosity to our Journal’s student editorial team.”

Karren Yang, Student Editor-in-Chief, asserts, “the example of a career well pursued, driven by inquisitiveness and passion, is so important for students who can often lose sight of our goals as we focus on classes, exams, and entrance applications. Dr. Franklin’s guidance helps us remember to focus and enjoy the process as much as the results.”

The Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing the career potential of gifted high school, college and university students for leadership roles in the science community. The Foundation’s structured programs include the award-winning Journal of Student Science and Technology, the Student Science and Technology Online Research Co-op and more.