Research in Action

Research in Action

In this section, we introduce a series of publications aiming to showcase the application of scientific knowledge and tools in different professions. People working in different fields - from biotech to the financial industry - will be sharing with our readers their perspective on the use of scientific knowledge. While there is a common understanding of the importance of science for R&D and, of course, for academia, we will show that most modern professions rely on scientific knowledge and tools that those on school benches might consider purely theoretical and inapplicable in their future careers, and therefore uninteresting.

Theoretical Chemistry: Theory or Practice

by Sergei Manzhos, Assistant Professor of theoretical chemistry at the Department of Chemical Systems Engineering at the University of Tokyo

Medical Science: Novel Therapeutic Platforms

by Mihai Mihut, MD, Biovail's Clinical Research Division, Toronto, Canada

Microbial Fuel Cells


Applied Mathematics

by Greg Lewis, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


The National Research Council of Canada has extensive information on science and technology careers. We would like to thank them for providing this resource.