Ambassador Recruitment Open

Please read descriptions of available positions below.

Recruitment for 2015-16 is now closed.

The deadline to apply for the 2015-2016 term is November 18, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.

Ambassador Program Project Team Descriptions

Project Teams:

All Ambassadors for the Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) are required to join a minimum of one and a maximum of two Project Teams during their term. These teams consist of students from all across Canada and collaboration is accomplished online. The four recruiting Project Teams are the Translating Team, the Resources Team, the Arts and Science Section Team, and the InSights and News Section Team. Participation of Ambassadors in a Project Team contributes significantly to both FSST and the community and provides students with invaluable experience, networking opportunities, and personal growth.

Translating Team:

As the Foundation for Student Science and Technology grew in importance, the Translating team was created to ensure a Canada-wide representation of science-inspired youth, anglophone as well as francophone. This program allows access to FSST’s science initiatives in both languages, allowing equal access to research and scientific opportunities. The translators on the team are responsible for translating any of the webpages of the official website, as well as any forms and official paperwork, and finally, insight articles and abstracts that can be seen in the Journal. The team members are highly bilingual and all have a completion of a secondary and/or post-secondary education with either a French immersion program or a French language degree of education. They undergo a French aptitude test and a thorough interview. Finally, every French article is reviewed again by the Translation manager before being published.

Resources Team:

The Resources Team is a group of Ambassadors who lead the development of resources that serve to engage and inspire students in the community to pursue STEM. The mission of the Resources Team is to connect people through the full spectrum of scientific education to the ideas, knowledge, and insight of its experienced members. The Team develops resources to address the needs of the community and to enrich the initial experiences of students in scientific research. To do this, we ensure that the resources that we create provide encouragement to young scientists to pursue science and technology. The FSST Guide to RISE and the Research in Action and Student Research sections on are great examples of the work that is being done or has been completed by the Resources Team.

Arts and Science Section Team:

The Arts and Science Section seeks to link two areas commonly thought to be separate through innovative and creative articles in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, but focusing on how art can be applied to science. This team values experience in any artistic field (music, design, drawing, etc.) and applicants interested in scientific exploration that requires a willingness to think outside of the box are strongly encouraged to apply.

InSights and News Section Team:

The Insights and News Section Project Team oversees and coordinates the development of articles for publication in the journal and on FSST's blog. The Team works to liaise with and encourage students to engage in scientific research as well as develop an awareness of the impact new developments in research have had on the scientific field and on their community at-large.

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