Ambassador Team Descriptions

Regional Teams

  • Ambassadors work in their respective regional teams to develop outreach activities such as events (e.g. RISE) and workshops, and representing the Foundation at external events.
  • Regional teams aim to enrich each Ambassador’s networking, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
  • Meetings of regional teams are generally held monthly in person or online at the discretion of the Team Leader and depending on the activities planned.
  • Current Teams include: Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver Area, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Montreal

Student Resources Team

  • Ambassadors will work to develop materials that increase student accessibility and knowledge on science and research opportunities  
  • The team consults students in the STEM community to ensure that resources being created meet their needs.
  • The resources that are created aim to broaden the perspectives of young scientists by making them more aware of the career demands

Insights and News Team

  • The Insights and News Section Project Team oversees and coordinates the development of articles for publication in the journal and on FSST's blog.
  • The Team works to liaise with and encourage students to engage in scientific research as well as develop an awareness of the impact new developments in research have had on the scientific field and on their community at-large.

Arts and Science Team

  • The Arts and Science Section seeks to link two areas commonly thought to be separate through innovative and creative pieces in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, but focusing on how art can be applied to science.
  • This team values experience in any artistic field (music, design, drawing, etc.) and applicants interested in scientific exploration that requires a willingness to think outside of the box are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Translations Team
  • This program allows access to FSST’s science initiatives in both languages, allowing equal access to research and scientific opportunities.
  • The translators on the team are responsible for translating any of the webpages of the official website, as well as any forms and official paperwork.
  • The team members are highly bilingual and all have a completion of a secondary and/or post-secondary education with either a French immersion program or a French language degree of education.

Interactive Campaign Team

  • This team is focused on organizing and holding competitions/contests
  • An example of a possible initiative could include an online STEM education video contest.
  • The team is new this year and ambassadors will play a key role in the development of its direction

Research Co-op Team

  • Team in the Ambassador Program that liaises with and creates resources for the FSST’s Online Research Co-op Program.
  • Students will research and create lesson plans and teaching resources (written and video form) for students.
  • Team members may also be involved in an alumni "newsletter" that can be sent out to all of the Co-op Program’s former students and keep them updated.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please fill out this application or email if you have any questions regarding the program.