Online Research Coop Program

About the Coop Program

The Student Science and Technology Online Research Coop explores the principles and practices of independent, inquiry-based research. The Program matches gifted students with top researchers to create experiential learning opportunities to work on research projects and to be immersed in professional online communications and work environments.

The Coop program is a collaborative development between the Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) and the federal Science and Technology Cluster ( to prepare emerging scientists, researchers, managers and leaders for future careers in science and technology. The online format of the learning makes it accessible to all students, including those who require more flexible schedules, and those living in remote areas.

For the information about the Program and how to signup, please connect with the Program Coordinator.


The Program jointly delivered by the Foundation and the Federal Science and Technology Cluster. It provides senior high school students with much sought-after opportunities to work with the leading national scientists in the field of student choice.

It supports students’ transition from school into postsecondary institutes with an emphasis to develop 21st century skills and careers in science and technology. The Program recognises student achievements with high school credits and possible scholarly publication.  

The Program brings into experiential education a new group of students interested in reaching into science and technology professions. It matches interest with experience in science and technology careers, teaches telecommuter skills, e-etiquette, work safety on the Internet, electronic professional communication, problem solving, collaboration, report and article writing, data analysis, and many other skills necessary for future success.

Its cyber format eliminates the necessity for a commute and permits mentoring according to the Ministry of Education Virtual Co-op model for cases when the desired co-op placement opportunities are not accessible due to geographical restrictions of either the student or the mentor. It can be offered as one credit course that fits well into the busy timetables of senior high school students, including those who participate in special programs like Specialist High Skills Major, TOPS and others. 

For the information about the Program and how to signup, please connect with the Program Coordinator.

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