Student Research

The Student Journal of Science and Technology invites students and educators to contribute their ideas and learning materials facilitating and developing research in school. They will be openly shared on our website, presented in schools, and implemented in the Student Science and Technology Online Research Co-op Program.

Interested can join and volunteers on the Research Co-op Development Team

Curriculum activity: Writing a Scientific Paper
By Daniel Muttiah, Secondary Teacher, Northview Heights SS, TDSB

Curriculum activity: Critiquing a Scientific Paper
By Tigist Amdemichael, Secondary Teacher, Northview Heights SS, TDSB

Curriculum activity: Where Do the Ideas Come From?
By Theresa Frost, Curriculum Leader for Honors Math, Science and Technology Program, Northview Heights SS, TDSB

The new Ontario Curriculum for high school Science: Incorporating the Nature of Science into the Classroom
By: Angeliki Grundy, M.Sc., B.Ed.

Curriculum activity: Promoting Cross-Curricular Literacy
By Joanne Bandzierz, Assistant Curriculum Leader for Library, Literacy, Professional Development, Northview Heights Secondary School, TDSB

Grade 12 Physics (SPH4U) class assignment: Modern Physics Research Paper
By Sandy Evans, Curriculum Leader for Science, Northview Heights Secondary School

Final project activity for Computer Engineering and Science course in which students are challenged to invent a new web services, mobile apps, or electronic gadgets: Invent Your Own App or Electronic Gadget
By Sacha Noukhovitch PhD, CCAI

Lesson Plan on Gaining a Foundational Understanding of Current Conflicts in Science and Research in which students are encouraged to take active part in current scientific dilemma or conflicts in research: Be Informed of Current Conflicts in Science
By Rui Song, grade 11 student, Author and Editor of the Journal of Student Science and Technology, Student Researcher at University of Saskatchewan